ALTUMATIM’s Knowledge Browser lets you explore relationships between the characters, events and themes of your story. It  in a way that et instantly focused on the evidence that really matters.

Connect the dots

The unique visual interface helps you connect the dots in your story and exposes any gaps in your proof plan. Not only is it far more useful and versatile than the graphic representations of email communications you may have seen in other eDiscovery platforms, it actually becomes more powerful as you continue to work on your case.

Explore Relationships


The customizable and interactive connections diagram allows you to focus on whatever you need to see with just a few clicks of your mouse. No skill or search techniques needed to find the documents pertinent to any of the relationships you are curious about or want to prove exist. 

Find the smoking gun - fast

ALTUMATIM automatically finds the evidence you are looking for based on any number of connections you choose. It gets you instantly focused on the documents that really matter to your story.

Your next chapter begins here

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