We approached the concept of electronic discovery from a different perspective and have raised the bar to an entirely new level. Rather than limiting “eDiscovery” to collecting, reviewing and producing documents, we created software that is specifically targeted at finding the best evidence in an easy manner to get the best possible result for your client. ALTUMATIM is a true discovery and investigation tool for the legal profession that is useful for every stage of every case.

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As we considered available eDiscovery platforms, we noticed plenty of features to help you manage, process, review and produce documents but something was missing. None of them was intentionally designed with the primary goal of helping you win your case. Recognizing that whoever tells the best story wins, we dared to imagine a platform that would learn the story you want to tell and automatically give you those key exhibits. That is no easy task because that mountain of data from your client and your opponent is different in every case.

Design and Development

We drew upon our unique combination of decades of litigation, data science, computer programming and engineering experience to develop a way to superimpose a story-based structure onto unstructured data so you can simply get the answers you need. The result is ALTUMATIM – an efficient, effective and exciting software platform for the legal profession with built-in Attorney Intelligence and a unique user experience focused on what matters to litigators who know how to win.


Setting a new Standard


Industry standard eDiscovery software is focused on Technology Assisted Review. They are all stuck in a TAR pit using outdated technology, such as key word searching, predictive coding, and clustering. Their approach requires manually reviewing many documents, building training sets, constructing models, and
other time-consuming tasks that, in the end, do nothing to help you win your case. ALTUMATIM is different. It takes advantage of the latest technological developments in the field of artificial intelligence and simplifies finding the most important electronically stored information.

Why waste precious time and resources reviewing countless irrelevant documents, building models, or struggling to find the right combination of key words, when you can simply tell the computer what you want to know? With ALTUMATIM you will efficiently find the documents that are most relevant to your story.


David Gaskey, CEO at Altumatim

David Gaskey


David has been at the interface between law and technology for more than three decades. Specializing in intellectual property law, he has represented clients from all over the United States, Europe and Asia, including Fortune 50 companies, whose businesses involve a broad spectrum of technologies. David has extensive experience litigating patent disputes at the trial and appellate court levels including the Arthrex v. Smith & Nephew case that received an "Impact Case of the Year" award in 2020 from IP Management. His litigation experience was a primary influence on how ALTUMATIM® naturally fits into the process of developing a case and why the platform is uniquely designed to help you win by finding the most important evidence to tell a compelling story.

Vasudeva Mahavishnu


Vasu brings his natural curiosity and passion for using technology to improve access to justice and our quality of life to the Altumatim team as he architects and builds out the future of discovery. Vasu blends computer science and data science expertise from computational genomics with published work ranging from gene mapping to developing probabilistic models for protein interactions in humans. As a result, he understands the importance of quality data modeling. His extensive experience with business modeling, code construction for front-end and back-end systems, and graphic presentation influenced the architecture of ALTUMATIM®. His creativity and commitment to excellence shine through the user experience that Altumatim's customers enjoy.

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