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ALTUMATIM® is the legal discovery and investigation software platform that finds the best evidence for a case based on learning the story the attorney wants to tell. It fits organically with how attorneys develop a proof plan and streamlines how the legal profession works with electronically stored information throughout the life of a case from early case assessment, throughout discovery, during deposition, and trial.

Whoever tells the best story wins. That tried and true maxim is the core principle that shaped every aspect of ALTUMATIM. We recognized a parallelism between some basic story elements and the way successful attorneys prepare a case. With those as pillars, we created an efficacious app that cuts through the noise and helps attorneys develop and tell a winning story.

Every story has a plot

Engaging stories unfold over time as a series of events occur. The plot shapes the story. Many attorneys construct a timeline or chronology to organize their thoughts and the evidence. The storyline shapes the way a case is eventually presented at trial. ALTUMATIM makes it easy to find and organize the documents most relevant to the events that matter.

Themes are central to the story

Many of the most memorable stories are that way because of the underlying themes flowing through them. That is one of the reasons many attorneys like to focus on the themes of their case. ALTUMATIM provides a uniquely powerful instrument to explore the evidence pertinent to multiple topics or themes and easily see how they fit with other elements of the story.

Relationships matter

Characters play an important role in a good story. Similarly, individuals and their actions make a case relatable and convincing so many attorneys approach their case from that vantage point. With ALTUMATIM, exploring the evidence from the perspective of the characters in the narrative uncovers relationships among people and exposes how each character impacts the other elements of the story.

ALTUMATIM understands your story

ALTUMATIM learns what is important to your story and brings the most relevant evidence up to the surface so you find that smoking gun – fast. It is designed to learn from you as you work on your case. That is why we say that the AI within it is Attorney Intelligence ™.


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