Pinnacle of Data Protection

At Altumatim, our foremost commitment is to the absolute protection of your data. Every facet of our system is architected to fortify against breaches, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We recognize the invaluable trust you place in us, and in response, we employ cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and expert personnel to form a shield around your data. This multi-pronged approach ensures not only defense against current threats but also adaptability to counter future vulnerabilities, keeping your data secure today and tomorrow.

Altumatim's Security Advantage

Security Infrastructure

Designed leveraging Google Cloud and AWS unmatched capabilities, Altumatim provides an additional, bespoke layer of protection, specifically tailored for our clientele’s unique needs.

SOC 2 Certification

A testament to our relentless pursuit of data privacy and security. This certification isn’t just a badge; it’s evidence of our policies and practices being designed meticulously to shield our client data from potential threats.

Real-Time Vigilance

With continuous monitoring capabilities integrated with Altumatim tools, we ensure a 24/7 watch on security protocols. Every security aspect is rigorously tracked, ensuring an impenetrable shield against vulnerabilities.

Commitment to Security

Altumatim’s dedication to maintaining the most stringent information security standards has earned the trust of law firms, corporate entities, and government agencies, leading to our proud achievement of SOC2 certification.

From our very beginning, our unwavering commitment to data privacy and security has been paramount. The SOC 2 certification stands as a significant validation of Altumatim’s robust policies and procedures, all meticulously crafted to protect customer data from potential breaches while ensuring the highest levels of compliance.

In our quest for excellence, Altumatim has collaborated with a third-party security auditor, integrating their advanced security compliance software and real-time monitoring capabilities. Combined with Altumatim’s existing tools, this partnership guarantees round-the-clock monitoring of security controls on a vast scale. This collaboration ensures exhaustive evidence gathering and verification, ensuring an uncompromised stance on security and privacy.

With these fortified security measures, Altumatim stands even more prepared to engage with enterprises and large corporations that put compliance at the forefront and expect nothing less than the pinnacle of data security.

Better than any Protective Order

Data Encryption

Your data is sacred. Altumatim ensures data, both in transit and at rest, is encrypted using leading encryption standards. This guarantees that your data remains accessible only to those you’ve permitted.

Robust Auditing

In partnership with elite, third-party security agencies, we undergo frequent vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and policy reviews, ensuring our defenses are always a step ahead of potential threats.

Granular Access Control

Leveraging industry-standard, role-based authentication, Altumatim guarantees that every data piece is accessed only by authorized personnel. From data sources to results, every access point is logged and routinely audited.

Firewall Defense

Strategically placed perimeter firewalls block any unauthorized access attempts. These advanced firewall systems are continuously updated with the latest threat intelligence to proactively guard against emerging vulnerabilities.

Data Segregation

Client datasets are physically separated, ensuring data integrity and privacy. This partitioned approach prevents cross-contamination of data and offers clients an added layer of security against potential breaches from other datasets.

Code Integrity

Before deployment, every piece of code is rigorously reviewed and tested to ensure maximum security. Our dedicated development and security teams collaborate closely, employing a series of automated and manual checks to validate the robustness of every code segment.

Altumatim's Holistic Security Approach

Employee Training

Our team undergoes rigorous annual security training, including thorough reviews of Altumatim’s Information Security & Privacy Policies. This continuous education ensures that every member is updated with the latest security protocols and best practices, reinforcing a culture of vigilance and responsibility.

Asset Oversight

We maintain a strict asset management policy, ensuring every hardware piece is tracked. All our devices come equipped with antivirus and mobile device management tools, alongside enforced auto-updates and hard drive encryption.

Access Management

Our identity and access management program ensures data is shared only with relevant parties. Altumatim staff access is limited to administrative purposes, continuously monitored and audited.

Vendor Due Diligence

Our robust vendor management process mandates rigorous vetting of all third-party software and contractors, ensuring no weak links. Additionally, regular performance reviews and security assessments of our partners reinforce our commitment to maintaining the highest security standards across all collaborations.

Always Prepared

We maintain a strict asset management policy, ensuring every hardware piece is tracked. All our devices come equipped with antivirus and mobile device management tools, alongside enforced auto-updates and hard drive encryption.

Transparent Reporting

Transparency is pivotal in fostering trust. Altumatim believes in openly communicating our security practices and performance to our clients. We regularly release security updates, incident reports, and performance analytics, ensuring our clients are always informed about how we’re safeguarding their data.

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