Knowledge Browser

Dive deep into the intricacies of your narrative with our advanced browsing system. Designed with precision and clarity, the Knowledge Browser aids users in navigating complex datasets to locate essential evidence and develop their stories. By drawing on diverse data points, this tool doesn’t just present information—it interprets, connects, and illuminates.

Connect the dots

Understanding the Full Picture: With ALTUMATIM’s state-of-the-art visual interface, not only can users map out the interrelations between characters, events, and themes, but they can also identify any inconsistencies or gaps in their narrative. Moving beyond the rudimentary graphic presentations found in many eDiscovery platforms, our system evolves with your work, becoming increasingly intuitive and powerful, tailoring itself to your case’s specific needs.

Explore Relationships

Deep Dive into Interactions: ALTUMATIM’s dynamic connections diagram is more than just an interactive tool; it’s a gateway into the intricate web of relationships within your story. Fully customizable, it enables users to prioritize and explore the specific connections they deem most important. With a user-friendly design, uncovering documents and evidence becomes a seamless process. Whether you’re delving into a complex character relationship or simply searching for a specific document, our platform is built to guide you every step of the way, requiring no prior expertise.

Find the smoking gun - fast

Efficiency Meets Excellence: Time is of the essence, and ALTUMATIM recognizes the need for swift and effective results. Our system is designed to hone in on pivotal evidence, cutting through the noise to present only what’s most pertinent. Regardless of how many connections or criteria you select, our platform sifts through vast amounts of data, zeroing in on the documents that will elevate your narrative. With ALTUMATIM, uncovering the critical elements of your story is not just faster—it’s smarter.

Your next chapter begins here

In today’s world of endless data and intricate storylines, having the right tools to decipher and connect is crucial. With ALTUMATIM, you’re not just choosing a platform; you’re investing in clarity, precision, and unparalleled security. Elevate your narratives, understand the deeper connections, and confidently present your story. Dive into the future of eDiscovery with ALTUMATIM. Your evidence, your story, our commitment.

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