Topic Explorer

Navigating a sea of evidence without a compass can be overwhelming. With ALTUMATIM’s Topic Explorer, the process is transformed. Instead of being overwhelmed, you are guided. This module, dedicated to thematic navigation, offers a precise pathway to approach your case by aligning with the core themes and motifs of your story.

Explore Themes & Theories

Thematic Alignment and Temporal Awareness:
Imagine if your data could tell its own story. ALTUMATIM’s Topic Explorer not only categorizes documents based on relevancy to themes but also provides a temporal lens, revealing how evidence has evolved over time. Whether your focus is a singular topic or the nexus between multiple themes, you’re offered both a macro and micro view. This dynamic juxtaposition of documents grants you an aerial view of overlaps while allowing the capability to hone in on individual thematic nuances.

Topigraphic™ Insight

Visual Data Alchemy:
Introducing the innovative Topigraphic™ display—where beauty marries functionality. This visual tableau doesn’t merely display information; it transforms data into a sensory experience. Witness the volume of documents pertinent to your theme come alive on your screen. The intuitive interface beckons you to explore, to delve deeper, and to uncover intricate relationships between themes. With each selection, a universe of interrelated topics unveils itself, waiting for you to connect the dots.

The moral of the story is ...

Cohesion Meets Conviction:
A fragmented story struggles to persuade, but ALTUMATIM ensures that every piece of evidence finds its rightful place in your narrative. It provides a roadmap, guiding you to weave each piece seamlessly into your overarching tale. By revealing the synergy within your evidence, ALTUMATIM crafts a narrative that doesn’t just tell but convinces.

Embark on a Thematic Odyssey with ALTUMATIM

Venture beyond the confines of linear eDiscovery. ALTUMATIM’s Topic Explorer beckons you to a realm where themes guide your quest, and evidence unfolds its tale. Dive deep into the chapters that await. Your story’s most compelling rendition is just a click away.

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