Topic Explorer

If you prefer to approach your case based on the themes of your story, you will find exactly what you are looking for using ALTUMATIM’s Topic Explorer.

Explore Themes & Theories

ALTUMATIM shows you how the documents in your dataset fit with your topics or themes and how the evidence was created over time. You can instantly dive deep into any individual topic or get a sense of the big picture from documents that show how your topics overlap. 

Topigraphic™ Insight

ALTUMATIM’s one-of-a-kind topigraphical display is equally appealing and functional. The visual interface shows you how many documents are relevant to your themes and empowers you to discover that which interests you by making simple selections on your screen. Revelations of the relationships among your topics are at your fingertips.

The moral of the story is ...

A story is only convincing when it is cohesive. ALTUMATIM shows you how and where the evidence fits together in a way makes sense and proves your point.

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