AUTONOMOUS REVIEW is a revolutionary, AI-powered process that is faster and more precise than any other document review approach. Altumatim’s sophisticated natural language understanding technology accurately analyzes your ESI, rapidly categorizing and gathering the relevant and responsive documents needed to fulfill electronic discovery obligations. 

Altumatim Autonomous Review

Transformative Technology

Altumatim’s state-of-the-art (SOTA) inference engine streamlines the tedious tasks of model building and training. The increased speed and reduced cost allow for more precise responsive document selection and increased defensibility.

Privilege Protection

AUTONOMOUS REVIEW includes quarantining potentially privileged documents helping you manage this critical part of the review process. Altumatim’s custom, proprietary LLM queues up a curated set for your focused attention so you can protect your client’s confidences with increased certainty. 

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective

Altumatim’s ability to learn what matters most to your story enhances the Autonomous Review process, making it even more efficient. Take advantage of the Attorney Intelligence applied during your ECA and initial investigations to fully integrate review and production into your overall case preparation.

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