Time Machine

Flux Capacitor

We combined the individual capabilities of the Storyline, Topic Explorer, and Knowledge Browser all into ALTUMATIM’s Time Machine. That combination, like the three branches of a flux capacitor, is surprisingly powerful and enables you to virtually instantaneously see the evidence that fits with your story. The focused results are presented chronologically giving you an experience as if you have travelled back in time to see things unfold firsthand.

Altumatim Time Machine | Flux Capacitor for eDiscovery

Real-Time Dashboard

Time Machine’s interface is as beautiful as it is informative. Watch the documents you need appear and the noise fade to the background. You will quickly sift through data to pinpoint the most critical evidence from specific time frames and gather insights for informed decision-making.

Unlock the secrets of the past

See clearly into the past and improve your client’s future. The unique visual presentation of artificial intelligence at work gives you an immediate sense of how the available evidence fits into your story. With even just an initial idea of what matters to your narrative, you will very quickly retrieve important information with minimal effort.

Your next chapter begins here

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