ALTUMATIM’s Storyline Module lets you organize your story in a series of events. The patent-pending evidence locator technology automatically finds and ranks the ESI most relevant to each event.

The Best Story Wins

Everyone can relate to a good story but to win you have to tell a credible story that is supported by the best available evidence. ALTUMATIM allows you to simply input what you want to tell the court. It translates that into fast and effective results to streamline finding the evidence you will use during discovery and at trial.

Works from your timeline

Your clients never come to your office and give you a list of key words and you certainly would not present your case to the jury that way. So why try to find the evidence you need using key word searching?  ALTUMATIM uses the timeline that you create anyway and gives you the documents most relevant to your story.

Learns what matters

 ALTUMATIM takes what it learns from the work you do with your client’s documents and applies that to the data your opponent produces later. Just load your opponent’s production and ALTUMATIM will automatically determine which documents are relevant to the events in your story and rank them in order of importance for you.

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